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i travel with the weather gods

a short, mesmerizing, documentary exploration of our national & state parks  


untitled television series based on
The Mortuary Report by Ace Ratcliff


currently in script development, this series is based on the life of Ace Ratcliff, former mortician, current disability rights activist. #stayweirdbekind


(the) Assistant by A.J. Taylor

Crystal serves as Director of Photography on this short film, now in final stages of post-production.

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Catamenia by Tonya Glanz
& Nadia Quinn

Crystal served as Director of Photography and editor (with Catie Stickles) on this short feminist horror film, now in final stages of post-production. 


untitled florida feature film

based on real events, this feature film challenges the notion that breaking up is the worst thing that can happen to a relationship, set against the strangeness of South Florida.