Palm Beach is a place people go to experience something beautiful before it all ends, and when Evie returns home to Florida with her boyfriend James, the heated strangeness of the place forever effects the way they view love. Based on true events.


Hope For The Holidays

a feature length holiday film written by Rachel Handler about a young woman who loses the will the live after suffering a terrible tragedy on her wedding night, but with the guidance of three spirits on Christmas Eve, she discovers there’s always hope for the future.

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Cherry Pie

in this psychological horror written by Dominic Finocchiaro with Jenny Leigh Reed, a teenage girl prepares for her sixteenth birthday in a small town with a very bloody coming-of-age tradition.


untitled television series based on
The Mortuary Report by Ace Ratcliff

currently in script development, this series is based on the life of Ace Ratcliff, former mortician, current disability rights activist. #stayweirdbekind

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i travel with the weather gods

a short, mesmerizing, documentary exploration of our national & state parks


untitled action short

a young woman runs for her life through the streets of NYC chased by an assassin, and when she discovers there’s no escape, the two women must battle to the death.

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based on a true story, this feature film explores the events leading up to the death of a 1960s housewife in suburban Connecticut while her granddaughter in the present, trying to piece together her history, deals with the effects of generational trauma.